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Crypto Payment Gateway for Bitcoin and more

Your customers pay in fiat, you instantly get crypto
Do you need to make payments to users by using cryptocurrencies?
The entertainment industry often faces problems
which are connected
to accepting payments from its clients
PSP large Rolling Reserve when opening an account.
Have payments and settlements begun to delay and block?
Do you need an instant fiat-to-crypto exchange?
Do banks and payment systems request the activity specific and do not open an account?
Is the account constantly blocked? Are you required to clarify your transactions?
How does it work?
The user pays in the most familiar form – fiat currency
You automatically receive transfers in Bitcoin, USDT or Monero
We can help you to forget about these questions. Accept payments in cryptocurrency from users who have never heard about it
A few important figures
1 minute
it is average time that clients spend on payment
Average percentage of successful payments
Your cryptocurrency is available for withdrawal immediately after enrollment
Unified widget
A unified widget for accepting payments without any questions
Favorable exchange rate
Favorable exchange rate for fiat funds to cryptocurrency
Unified API
Unified API for integration replenishment and payouts
The best solution for anonymized tokens (monero, zcash)
in addition to fast work we took care of your comfort when you are using the widget
Light and Medium - we offer two integration options: Light and Medium
Connection is possible during the day, but the API gives you full control over the visualization of receiving payments: change the logo, color, indents and other design.
The easiest way to connect a widget. You will be able to receive payments in just an hour!
Connecting the API to the client’s payment gateway
Client request
The integration completed
Client request
The integration completed
Widget integration on the client’s website
  • Are delays and blocks in payments and settlements becoming too common?
  • Looking to accept cryptocurrency payments to streamline your cash flow?
  • In search of a seamless, instant fiat-to-crypto exchange to keep your business moving?
  • Tired of banks and payment processors stalling because of your industry specifics, refusing to open accounts?
  • Facing unreasonably high Rolling Reserves required by PSPs for account opening?
  • Is your account constantly under scrutiny, leading to blocks and endless transaction verifications?
Simplify Your Crypto Payments
Your customers pay with Fiat Currency, and you instantly get Crypto - it's that simple and exciting!
Facing Payment Hurdles in the Entertainment Sector? You are not alone!
Say Goodbye to Payment Woes and Hello to Seamless Transactions
Imagine a world where payment delays and blockages are a thing of the past. Where cryptocurrency payment gateway makes it effortless for you to accept crypto payments, directly catering to your needs for speed and efficiency in payment processing.

We are here to revolutionize your payment process. Our solution enables you to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers unfamiliar with digital assets, seamlessly converting their fiat currencies into crypto, without them needing a bank account.

Our crypto payment processor ensures secure crypto transactions, liberating you from the constraints of traditional payment gateways. Additionally, it facilitates the automatic transfer of digital currency into fiat and its subsequent deposit into the merchant's bank account, enhancing the efficiency and security of financial transactions. With us, payment processing becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on what you do best in the entertainment industry, sans the financial friction.
How Does It Work?
Our payment gateway simplifies the transaction process, allowing users to continue using their preferred payment method of fiat currency, while you enjoy the benefits of an advanced crypto payment system. It's hassle-free, secure, and instant—transforming the way you receive payments.

  1. The user pays in the most familiar payment method – fiat currency
  2. You automatically receive transfers in Bitcoin, USDT, or Monero

A Few Key Highlights That Set Us Apart

Imagine every payment transaction flowing as smoothly as water, where delays and disruptions are relics of the past. Here's how we make it happen:

  • 1 Minute Only: That’s all the time it takes for your clients to make a payment. Efficiency is the new normal.
  • 83% Success Rate: Our platform boasts an impressive success rate for payments, ensuring the majority of transactions are completed without a hitch.
  • Instant Access: The moment a payment is made, your cryptocurrency is ready for withdrawal. No waits, no delays.
Elevate Your Transaction Experience with Our Advanced Payment Widget
Unified Payment Interface:

Experience seamless transactions with our state-of-the-art unified widget. This intuitive interface simplifies the process of accepting digital currencies, making it effortlessly easy for both new and seasoned users. By integrating our widget, you not only streamline the transaction process but also ensure that your platform remains a preferred choice for users looking to send payments in various cryptocurrencies.

Optimized Exchange Rates:

Gain an unbeatable advantage with our optimized exchange rates. When converting from fiat payments to cryptocurrency, or vice versa, our system automatically selects the most favorable rates available. This ensures that you and your customers get the best value for your crypto assets, enhancing satisfaction and trust in your services.

Comprehensive API Integration:

Our Unified API stands at the forefront of blockchain payments, offering a robust solution for integrating replenishment and payout functionalities. With our API, your business can easily accept Bitcoin, along with other major cryptocurrencies, propelling you towards greater crypto adoption in the e-commerce sector. Effortless integration means you can focus more on growing your business and less on the technical details.

Privacy-Focused Solutions:

In today’s digital age, privacy is paramount. That’s why we offer specialized solutions for anonymized tokens such as Monero and Zcash. This feature ensures that your transactions are not just secure, but also respect the privacy of all parties involved. Our platform is designed with security measures like two-factor authentication and QR code scanning, ensuring that each transaction is protected from start to finish.
Seamless Crypto Payment Integrations for Every Merchant
Unlock the power of cryptocurrencies for your business with our two sleek integration options, ensuring you never miss out on a sale due to payment limitations. Cryptocurrency payment gateways have revolutionized how merchants accept digital currencies, providing a significant advantage in today's fast-paced e-commerce environment.

Simplified Light Integration:

Dive into the crypto world effortlessly with our Light option. It's the quickest route to accept digital currencies, empowering you to start receiving crypto payments in just an hour. This integration ensures your e-commerce stores or physical locations can cater to the growing demand for crypto payment options without complex setups.

Advanced Medium Integration:

For businesses seeking greater control, our Medium integration grants full command over the payment process. Tailor the payment interface to match your brand's aesthetic by adjusting logos, colors, and layouts. This API-driven approach not only enhances your crypto checkout experience but also aligns with the best cryptocurrency payment gateway practices, allowing for efficient transactions and flawless currency conversion.
Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions related to our payment system service.
What formats of work are possible?
You can choose to integrate your service via API or payment page. In any of the ways you will be accompanied by our support team for convenient and seamless connection of your service
What do payment processing fees depend on?
Fees depend on the geography of payments, minimum and maximum transaction amounts, and total monthly turnover
How fast is the integration happening?
If there are no technical problems on the part of the potential client, integration takes place within 1 working day from the moment of signing the documents
What is the guarantee that my funds will be safe?
We provide 100% coverage of funds in stablecoins, until the funds are credited
What is the safety guarantee of my funds?
Yes, it can. The Bitpapa Pay widget can be integrated into a website, mobile/desktop app, or Telegram bot.